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Ohio Carry Concealed Course

See calendar below for dates of offered classes.
$65.00 per person $100.00 per couple - $35.00 Deposit per person required at signup balance due on the day of class.


 This class is taught in one 10 hour sessions, 8 hours classroom 2 hours range.
  • The basic fundamentals of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols
  • Sight acquisition and stance
  • Cleaning, ammunition, and storage
  • Firing the first shots
  • CCW Laws of Ohio
  • Surviving Violence

Training includes a basic pistol course plus the Ohio Concealed Carry Permit requirements described in section 2923.125 (G)(1) of the Ohio Revised Code.

The cost for the course is $65 and you must supply your own handgun and ammunition (ranges will rent you a firearm). When you complete this course you will have all paperwork needed to apply for your Ohio carry permit.

If you have any questions about the course please call anytime during regular business hours 614-489-9522.

Deposit CCW Course
NRA Basic Pistol Certification - Ohio CCW

Handgun Essentials 6pm-9pm

$35.00 per person $70 per couple

This course is designed for the new handgun owner or a person returning to firearms and would like a refresher course.

In this 4 hour, 1-day class students will be introduced to the skills essential to safely and expertly use handguns for recreation and/or home defense. 2 hours classroom, 2 hours range time. This is sufficient for Florida and Arizona CCW permits. 

  • Safety rules and procedures
  • Handgun components and functioning
  • The basic fundamentals of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols
  • Ammunition basics and malfunctions
  • Shooting fundamentals (grip, stance, sight acquisition and trigger management)
  • Cleaning, ammunition, and safe storage
  • Firing the first shots

PLEASE do not bring a handgun to the classroom. Range times will be scheduled in advance with notice. Students must provide their own ammunition for the course. Please bring 50 rounds, or purchase it at the range, no steel ammo is allowed. Range time is usually 1-2 hours, most students will complete the range portion in less time.

Questions? Please call anytime during normal business hours 614-489-9522


On the range, students practice the following:

Range safety and marksmanship fundamentals with appropriate coaching, on your personal firearms:

acceptable guns are:

  • 22LR revolver/Automatic
  • 38SPL/357 Magnum revolver
  • 9MM semi-automatic pistol
  • 40Cal semi-automatic pistol
  • 45ACP semi-automatic pistol

If you do not currently possess a firearm, or have concerns with the shape and or condition of your firearm please inform the instructor prior to the scheduled range time. Loaner or rental pistols can be set up ahead of time for an additional fee.


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