The Tao of Self Defense

How to train and keep your sanity. 

Annual Checkup

What we are responsible for when we choose to protect.

Looking for a Partner

Looking for a team mate or buddy to keep it entertaining and safe. 

Kelly P Fitzgerald offers certified NRA basic pistol certifications to acquire CCW in the states of Ohio, Florida,  and Arizona.


Each classroom course is offered on flexible schedules, with a focus on safety, rules of engagement, and basic understanding of the laws. Classes follow both weekday evenings and full day weekends. Each course is typically 8-12 hours depending on class size and class subjects.


Continuing education and advanced courses for CCW holders, 1-on-1 training, and psychological preparation of violent encounters.





classroom Safe Classrooms

Class Schedule

Information on what to bring to your concealed carry class. Classroom Preperation

Class Checklist

prereqs Prerequisites for Courses

CCW, what is required?


Thoughts, opinions, stories about concealed carry, 2nd Amendment rights, gun and personal safety.


Safety First

Gun safety! What you need to know to stay safe and keep others around you safe.

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